Heroes, Martyrs and July Travel

Sharon and I are headed to the Global Training Network leadership gathering. The GTN event will take place from July 20-23 in Sumas, Washington, near the Canadian border. We are looking forward to being together with others who are engaged in “equipping and encouraging indigenous leaders in the Majority World.”

GTN staff member Joel Madson just sent word that a church in Garissa, Kenya was attacked by gunmen during their services Sunday. Fifteen people were killed and 40 wounded. Joel brought a team to this small Muslim-majority community to train pastors just a few years ago. Phil Graf and I trained leaders some nine hours away in Kisumu Kenya.

Here is an excerpt from the Associated Press story:

“Two gunmen entered the simple wooden church in the city of Garissa at around 10:15 a.m. Sunday, while two others waited outside, police commander Philip Ndolo said. When the congregation fled the attack inside, they ran straight into another hail of bullets from gunmen outside, he said. At least one grenade was detonated in the attack. Overturned wooden benches littered the church afterward. A victim wearing a simple blue dress lay on the sandy earth outside.”

Garissa and Kisumu

GTN’s president Paul Madson notes that these are the types of situations that many of the pastors and leaders we train throughout the Majority World face on a daily basis. They are so appreciative, of the training and the personal encouragement we bring—equipping them to spread the Gospel and letting them know that they are not alone. We are more than willing to enter their world because of our love and belief in them as pastors and their desire to spread the good news of the Gospel, whatever the cost.


In addition to the GTN conference, Sharon and I will make a number of stops to meet with those interested in The Divine Expedition: Where Are You in the Book of Romans? We invite you to join us if you are near one of the following stops:

  • July 6, San Jose: 7pm dessert at Jeff and Denise McDonalds.
  • July 8, Sacramento: Sunday morning interview at Arcade Church
  • July 15, Sun River (near Bend), OR: Sunday morning message at Community Bible Church at Sun River; Sunday evening gathering.
  • July 17, Corvallis, OR: 7pm dessert at Mark and Lauri Worden’s.
  • July 19, Bellingham, WA: 7pm dessert in evening.
  • July 20-23, Sumas, WA: GTN leaders gathering
  • July 23, Edmonds, WA: 7pm dessert at Rod and Ruth Stilings
  • July 24, Bellevue, WA: 7pm dessert at John and Paula Rowland’s
  • July 25-27, Portland, OR
  • July 28, Susanville, CA: afternoon gathering
  • July 29 Return home

Please contact us if you want more information on any of our stops…and thanks for being with us “on expedition” for Christ and His kingdom.

Linus and Sharon

P.S. The Divine Expedition Guidebook should be completed soon.

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