Out of Africa (In and Out, That Is)

Phil Graf and I are headed for Africa via Europe to train leaders in Kampala, Uganda, Juba, South Sudan, and Kisumu and Nairobi, Kenya.

We will be working closely with some African friends with a vision to see African churches become more missional and effective in reaching their tribal groups, neighbor tribal groups, own nations and neighbor nations. Our training will be aimed at the following:

Heart: ignite/catch a fire for evangelism, church planting, and reaching Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and beyond

Head: impart a biblical/theological mandate for mission and crossing cultural and national boundaries

Hands: participants commit to a way forward: “This is what we will do!”


Pray for our upcoming trip and the training we will engage in. Please pray for my 92 year-old mother who had a stroke and is in therapy to regain her mobility. Pray for my sister who is coordinating the next steps of my mom’s care. Pray too for Sharon in my absence.

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