Sharon Got a Tattoo

WELL NOT REALLY, BUT IF SHE DID IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS…. We were sitting in the living room together and I couldn’t resist capturing a photo of a shadow the window frame cast across her face. It made me think of her Norwegian (1/4th) Viking roots, but more so of her deep faith in … More Sharon Got a Tattoo

They Did Great!

TRAINING EL SALVADORIANS…FROM A DISTANCE In preparation for a return to El Salvador to resume our Divine Expedition training, we put together two, two-night workshops using Zoom. Our purpose was to review the first two phases of our training as a refresher for those who had been through these phases before Covid halted our travel. … More They Did Great!

Seeing Double

DOUBLE VISION AND EYE SURGERY #1 This past August I went for a walk and noticed that my vision seemed fuzzy. In the days that followed, I started seeing two images, one on top of the other. I was fortunate to be able to see a physician who specialized in what is called “vertical diplopia.” … More Seeing Double

“So Thankful”

FIRST “SO THANKFUL” I am so thankful that Sharon is home and recovering from her fractured vertebrae. Her head gash has healed and she is undergoing therapy to restore the strength she lost. The last three years have been difficult for her but I am so thankful to have her back at my side (and … More “So Thankful”