I Saw The Baby!

IT’S BEEN SIX MONTHS Just six months ago dear Sharon passed into the presence of our gracious, loving, glorious, Savior, Lord, and Redeemer, Jesus. I still cry a lot as I think of her and our life together. I think our children do too. My crying is usually a momentary surge as I see a … More I Saw The Baby!

Unfinished Business

AMOST JOINED SHARON As I lay in the Covid isolation wing of Ronald Regan Emergency Hospital for a second full day, the attending doctor told me that the trajectory of my Covid pneumonia was not good. She then asked what I wanted to have happen if my oxygen level continued to drop, requiring more and … More Unfinished Business

2021-2022 — Multliplicandemic

2020-2021 “MULTIPLICANDEMIC” UPDATE I can’t say it any better than Phil Graf (son-in-law, co-designer of the Divine Expedition training, and fellow Global Training Network staff member): “Although the pandemic caused many restrictions on international travel, it didn’t stop local trainings. In each country where we have raised up Master Trainers, they have facilitated without us … More 2021-2022 — Multliplicandemic